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Date: January 18, 2016 (By e-mail:

To: Shannon Jones, General Manager, Bitetto Tow & Service

Re: Commendation for your assistance to Korean War Veteran Lee Walker


I write to salute and commend Bitetto Tow & Service for going the extra mile, so to speak, in aiding Lee Walker, a much decorated Korean War Veteran who had a very bad experience which had a good ending due to Bitetto Tow.

Lee Walker, now 85, awoke on Thanksgiving Day to discover his car wouldn't start. He called AAA, and Bitetto arrived to jump start his car. However, it turned out the problem was much  more complicated, and his car had to be towed to the dealer. The dealer advised that repair would take some time.

Walker, who is now 85, and lives very frugally on a fixed income,  was greatly concerned to be without transportation.  Among other things, Walker  is a member of American Legion Post 79 Robert J. Castillo Memorial Honor Detail at Riverside National Cemetery. Mr. Walker spends hundreds of volunteer hours providing dignified military funeral services to his comrade veterans,  and in other volunteer services. He also would be unable to make his appointments at the VA.

When Bitetto GM Shannon Jones learned of this, Bitetto arranged for transportation for veteran Walker while his car was being repaired. More specifically, Bitetto rented a car for Mr. Walker’s use, and towed the rented car to him. When his own car was repaired after some delay, Bitetto towed  his car to him, and towed the rental car back.

Lee Walker, who like so many veterans of his era never complains and never seeks thanks or special recognition for his service, was surprised and very appreciative of Bitetto’s voluntary, unsolicited beneficial actions. So are we, his comrade veterans.

Bravo, Bitetto Tow & Service! Many thanks for such great and generous service by Bitetto to a veteran, Lee Walker, who has given great service to the Nation in war, and in peace.

Rees Lloyd

REES LLOYD, Attorney


Eddie Blankenship, Commander, American Legion Riverside Post 79, and District 21; and,

Paul Arnold, Captain, Robert J. “Uncle Bobby” Castillo MHD, Team 12, RNC






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