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Motorcycle Safety Foundation

MSF is excited to embrace digital technology in the form of online education. Our newest offerings represent our continuing commitment to educating motorcyclists and other roadway users in a variety of ways and through multiple channels.

Our digital content includes the MSF Basic eCourse, a 3-hour interactive program intended as a prerequisite for the hands-on Basic RiderCourse but which serves equally well as a stand-alone introduction to motorcycling; four free iTunes U courses which address various aspects of motorcycling theory, skills, tips and strategies; three iBooks, two of which focus on intersections – the area of highest risk between motorcyclists and other roadway users – and one that helps friends and family members begin a dialogue with current and prospective motorcyclists about making good decisions when riding or considering riding; and an iPhone/iPad educational app that uses existing MSF self-paced safety lessons to help current motorcycle owners improve their riding skills in a practice riding area of their choosing.

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