Riverside, CA Post 79

The Riverside American Legion Post 79 Honor Guard

is named after a beloved lifetime member of the American Legion

and is known as the:

Robert J. "Uncle Bobby" Castillo Memorial Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is also a member team of the Memorial Honor Detail, (MHD),
based at Riverside National Cemetery, (RNC), and is registered at the RNC as MHD Team 12.
The team has performed over
5,525 Military Honor Ceremonies
for veterans that have transferred to Post Everlasting and their families since 1995.

The MHD is officially know as the "Riverside National Cemetery Memorial Honor Detail".
They are an IRS & California Non-profit Corporation.  The purpose of the corporation (MHD) is threefold.

1. Render Military Honors for Veterans interred in the Riverside National Cemetery.
2. Render all services free of charge.
3. Render services using volunteers.

Click Here For additional information on the MHD at RNC.